Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Waking Up Slowly

The last few years, I've had a "theme" and an accompanying image for the year. I don't really choose it, rather it comes to me in a knowing that expresses something of my growing edge. This year my theme is "Waking Up". I'm not sure what it means or how it will unfold but I have the sense that it will be all encompassing...body, soul, and spirit.

"Waking Up Slowly"

This is the accompanying image for the year. It came to me the other morning as I was "waking up slowly" (a rare treat). As my eyes gradually adjusted to the early morning light, I realized that my soul and spirit were waking up in a similar way.

softly the morning
whispers my name
opening my eyes
in first light
my path
slowly spreading out before me
flowing, mysterious
calling me
my day
ready to be lived
all I want
all I need
mine this day

waking up slowly


Jan said...

Kathy, I will be visiting you often. Katherine introduced you on her blog, and since she brought me to the blogging world, too, I want to welcome you! You look extremely talented and thoughtful. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Kathy Doerge said...

Hi Jan-
Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to getting to know you as well and connecting with this amazing blogging community.

RevDrKate said...

Welcome! I love your words and imagery. Looking forward to knowing you better in the blogging circle.

mompriest said...


Linda said...

Welcome to blogging! I came via Katherine too. I'll be reading!

Kathy Doerge said...

Thanks for the welcome you guys! I look forward to checking out your blogs in the days to come.
My Heart Leaps!

Diane said...

beautiful, and welcome!

steve said...

Found your blog through katherine's site. Welcome to the blogosphere! Your work is beautiful.