Thursday, March 6, 2008

Soup Night!

Thursday is Soup Night at our house and all are invited! I never know who or how many will show up but it's always a fun time.

I instituted soup night a few months ago for two reasons. One is that my kids are always eating at their friends' houses and I decided we needed to do our part in feeding the youth of the community. The other reason is that the kids liked my soup and wanted to know when I was going to make soup again. So I said, "How about Thursday?" And they liked it and we decided to make it a tradition.

Every week is different. Sometimes we get more of my daughter's kids from theatre. Sometimes it's my younger son's friends...mostly guys from the neighborhood. This week we had a bigger crowd than usual since my older son is home from college on spring break.

After they eat, they may hang around for a while watching an episode of "The Simpsons" or something. But then, around 7 or 7:30 they load up and head to the local coffee shop for "Open Mic Night" where several share their musical talents. In addition to having gifts in music, the kids that come are gifted as poets and writers, artists, lettered athletes, theatre performers, photographers/videographers, and more...and that's just what has unfolded so far.

I am so blessed to know these amazing young people!

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Jan said...

You are so hospitable! What a great group of kids! I wish I could be more like you. . . .