Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creativity Flare

The other day a friend of mine passed on an old quilting magazine she had finished reading. I do a little quilting but what really inspired me was an article on dyeing fabric using flour paste as a resist. The thought came to me to try it with watercolor paper as an underpainting. I ended up with some amazing results.

Butterfly Frenzy

I read a post on Oprah's "A New Earth" forum asking if others had noticed that the grass seemed greener this year. I had to agree...and not just grass but everything looks more alive and vibrant to me. These recent paintings show a little of what I'm seeing and feeling this spring.

Singing Flowers
(This little family of flowers was singing their hearts out along side the road.)

Vegetation Vibes

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Jan said...

Kathy, you are so talented! I would buy one of your paintings if I could.